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We specialize in spine care through proper examination and treatment protocols according to the alignment of the spine, which has shown amazing results with low back pain, neck pain and headaches to name a few. The Primary focus is to reach Optimal Health.

We also work with many sports injuries through muscle work and rehab techniques that have led to amazing results in pre and post surgical patients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to welcome patients into a comfortable setting in order to provide them with the high quality care necessary to be healthy. We help patients feel comfortable in order for them to have the confidence to communicate their concerns with our doctors in order to treat accordingly.

Our approach encompasses not only to alleviate the presentation of symptoms, but also to eliminate the problems that are causing adaptive changes.

We insist in the involvement and empowerment of those who seek care to take an active role in their health to further improve the quality of life, where we can then implement care that is based on intent, the intent to have our patients function well.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to educate every individual we meet along our path, and provide them with more options than the ones they’ve always known. We envision including corporations, small businesses, schools and the rest of the community as a whole to take part in living a healthy and happy lifestyle through Chiropractic spine care. We seek to be the main caregiver of the population we treat, which in the past has proven to be less invasive and cost effective. Our vision is to approach every patient with compassion and integrity.